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3 Things I Wish I Knew About Photography

Hopefully if you’re reading this I got you just before you made a shit ton of mistakes in your photography career!

Being a photographer I made a few simple mistakes, mistakes that I thought didn’t matter or wouldn’t happen to me, but in reality they did matter and did happen to me. Maybe, Just maybe if I put my ego side earlier in career, I could have avoided these mistakes and have sped up my career by a few years.

Any who no time for self-pity, lets jump into some of the mistakes I made and possibly you can avoid.

First up, always backup your work on a hard drive, the cloud and if possible in your will. When I first started out in photography I had a Lenovo laptop (yes I was using my work laptop for personal use), and it was fairly new so I didn’t think it was possible for the internal hard drive to crash. Boy was I wrong, the hard drive crashed within a year. I was devastated (no tears fell though, got to stay strong for the hood). Ever since that tragedy I have a few external hard drives, dropbox storage, and google drive for my work. If all of these crash, then I will quit and put myself in a home where they feed me ramen noodles.

Second thing I wish would be said about photography, DON’T GET ATTACHED to your “best photo” you’ve taken. Now this isn’t something that personally happened to me, but I see this happen often and keeps photographers from growing. Photographers stick to a style they like and never develop their work. If you’re a new photographer, constantly ask yourself how you can become a better photographer. I look at my work all the time, some I love, but I continue to look at how to improve.

I started taking pictures of abandoned building for at least good 6 months to a year and as time went on I started saying to myself “I didn’t purchase an abandoned camera”. In other words I shouldn’t be limiting myself to this one genre of photography, regardless of how many people liked my work or how many follow I was gaining. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and still do till this day as you see if you follow instagram. So my advice to anyone is don’t limit yourself in this industry, just shoot and you’ll be surprised what peaks your interest.

That’s my note on this and hope this bit of informations helps in any. Make sure to give me a follow on Instagram to keep up with what I’m constantly working 

Be safe, stay fresh and love the hustle!